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We can now record up to 48 tracks of studio quality 96k audio
right off the rehearsal floor. 
There are 24 channels patched and ready to go, 
so if your are using the house backline,
and there are no headphones or click all around required,
setting up to track live instruments and vocals
in our in-the-round rehearsal config can be very fast!!


Tascam X-48 hard disk recorder.

We can now record up to 48 tracks of studio quality 96k audio right off the rehearsal floor.  Video sync available with house audio. 


    Fast live-off-the-floor recordings.

If you are using house backline we can be ready to record in as little as 1 hour of prep time.


A fast, cost-effective way to multi-track new material.

A rehearsal space with 8 monitor mixes w/ 33 band EQ, all the inputs and DI's you need, & where you can just arm tracks and record.

A way to multi-track while filming for Youtube content or website clips. 

A fast, cost effective way to multi-track new material.

We can export sessions as AAF project files or 
as Open Track List, (.tl) packages. 
Bring your own hard drive or a large capacity thumb drive and 
take home the multi-track data to mix yourself. 

Demo parts of your rehearsal as a multi-track project and take them home to work on.

We are setting up a suite to provide mixes for people
but that is still a few weeks away.
In the meantime I can have stuff mixed for you
if you don't have a preferred engineer.

$ 30/hr

Standard hourly rehearsal time.

Any rehearsal you book includes 30 minutes to an hour of engineer time to get inputs established and monitor mixes up to your satisfaction. 

$ 25/hr

Multi-track recording incl. engineer, add to rehearsal hourly.

You can book rehearsal time and then add in a minimum of 1 hour of engineer time to track anything you want live off the floor. Mic'ing drums and your own amps etc. will necessitate some set-up time. 

$ 12/hr

Video location 40% surcharge.

For any video recording we add a 40% location fee. This includes any re-arranging of the furniture, electricity for extra lighting you bring in, and the representation of the space and it's decor in publicly available media. 

Address :
1278 Dupont St.
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 2A4

Contact us:

Email:     Phone: 416-536-4384    
Robin's mobile: 647-705-8605